I have limited quantities of 2 sets of unedited footage from Marj’s last workshops in Lincoln, Nebraska for sale.  Please do NOT send payment until you have checked with me that the set(s) you want are presently available.  If needed, I’ll have more sets made.  Be sure to let me know which set(s) you want, and how many copies.  (Note: The DVDs are in NTSC format and may not play on some older DVD players outside North America and Japan.  They will work on any computer.)

I attended one of Marj’s workshops in San Francisco about 30 years ago and I’ve never forgotten it. For me, these videos take me back to that time. I’ve been watching about 15 minutes a day and it’s a lot like having more sessions with her. They are wonderful! – Susan Badino, Hospital Administrator, New York City

Each set of DVDs is described below and at the bottom of the page you can see a couple of clips from each set.

Please contact me through my Contact page at AlexanderTechnique.com/support/rrcontact

SET 1:

These DVDs contain about 15-16 hours of raw footage from her winter 1990/91 workshop in Lincoln on 8 DVDs. Quite a few people purchased those DVDs 8 years ago and I’ve had a lot of good feedback. They are in color, with fairly good video and audio quality overall. These are available for $50/set, and $30 for each additional set with the same order, postage paid within the US. There will be an additional charge for overseas delivery.

These are amazing! – Ken James, Alexander Technique student, London, England

When I became an Alexander Technique teacher, Marj had already passed away. So I knew about her by only through hearsay. But in the Videos she live. I could recognize that her life was based on Alexander’s work. Thank you. – Tomonori Ikeda, Alexander Technique Teacher, Okayama, Japan

SET 2:

I have recently (2016) discovered about 16 hours of raw VHS footage in my basement, mostly from one of Marj’s last workshops in Lincoln in late 1992 or early 1993, 2 1/2 years before her death.  I have had them converted into a set of 10 DVDs. The video quality is not as sharp as I would have liked, but it’s certainly good enough to get a clear sense of how she taught at the end of her group teaching career when she was 93 years old.* The audio quality is generally pretty good. (One DVD is of Marj teaching in her home and the lighting is poor. A couple of the DVDs include some extraneous material at the end – apparently the original VHS tape was previously used to record a TV show.)

I am making these available for $50 for one set and $30 for each additional duplicate set included in the same order.  That includes postage for US addresses but there would be an additional charge for overseas shipments.  In effect, the additional sets will be sold at or near cost.  Any profits will go towards hosting and maintaining my Alexander Technique websites.

Thank you so much Robert. I feel privileged to be able to watch these. I actually feel a sense of lightness just by seeing them. – Kathy Wicks, Travel Writer, Madrid, Spain

To get some idea of what’s in these DVDs, I’ve embedded a couple of short excerpts from each set below:

Excerpts from Set 1:

Excerpts from the Set 2:

*Marj did go on to teach another couple of years, almost entirely with individual students, sometimes with a couple of students at a time.

Here’s where to contact me: AlextTechExpress.com/support/rrcontact