The videos listed below will give you some idea of her teaching style towards the end of her life, including her emphasis on students taking responsibility for themselves, her use of a wide range of activities as frameworks within which to teach the Alexander Technique, the power and delicacy of her hands and much more.

NOW AVAILABLE! – About 35 hours of raw footage from 2 workshops Marj taught in the early 1990s, her final years of teaching.  in  To inquire about purchasing DVDs of this material, click here: )

Watch a very short introduction to the Alexander Technique by Marjorie:

View the full video here – You will need to use the Password: AlexTech

Video of Marjorie teaching in 1986:

View a growing collection of short video clips showing Marj’s teaching toward the end of her life

Marjorie teaching at the 1986 Stony Brook Congress

Additional video of Marj teaching in 1991 (courtesy of Barry Kantor)

Short excerpt from that video

When most of these last videos were shot in 1990 ,1991 and 1992, Marj was well over 90 and suffering from severe osteoporosis which limited her ability to reach her full height. Despite that, her movements were as fluid as ever. In Alexander Technique jargon, her conditions of use had diminished with age, but her manner of use – and with that, the power and clarity of her touch – was at its peak.* During this workshop, she taught for 6 hours a day – mostly standing on her feet – for seven straight days!)


Marjorie filmed a gathering of students on F. Matthias Alexander’s first Alexander Technique training course in London in the early 1930s.  She was probably using the same camera she used in an earlier trip to England with her sister to study with Alexander – the first home movie camera sold in Nebraska! View the first video, showing Alexander hosting his students at an outdoor party in the country here. The second video, probably taken later in the day, showing students clowning around, playing sports, doing Alexander work with each other, and later walking along a street back in London here.

Here’s a nice short video about one of Marj’s aphorisms, You always move better with a smile:

A conversation about Marj’s phrase “A Little Bit of Nothing”

Marjorie Barstow used the same home video camera she used on her trip to study with F. Matthias Alexander in the 1920s and later on Alexander’s first training course in the early 1930s to film this important event in Nebraska history.

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